Why the new shape??
1. No seam in the sun.
2. Less seams - reduced by about half.
3. Safety and strength.
4. Much safer in rough water.

To illustrate the strength of our pontoons an air jack was build to test the strength... we jacked a car with this :

If you dont believe it, be my guest and we will demo it. All seams are joined with a THERMO CHEMICAL PROCESS....not just glue.  There is an inside seam. The main seam. And an ouside seam to ensure safety and strength.  We also discontinued the end caps due to sensitivity for leaks and because the small end caps are not available any more.

Bass Pro X Boats are manufactured with the best quality industrial 1050 gram PVC ...  
not cheap alternatives ... and comes with a  2 year guarantee. Life expectancy of anything up to 20 years if maintained. A limited 5 year guarantee is also available provided you bring your boat for inspection maintenance once a year 
( free of charge ) 
Bass Boat Conversions and upgrades also available
15 HP petrol motor tests
The latest research and development project:   
The 3,3 m Bass Pro X Boat fitted with a 15 hp motor and a 9 hp motor for testing by a valued customer....
These boats are 3,3 m long 1,5 m wide and can be disassembled quite easily or fit on the back of a LDV and onle weighs about 40 kg excl motor. At R5200,00 for the basic boat its a steal ( the left hand boat )
The design was for a 5Hp petrol motor but the tests proofed that a 15 hp motor can be fitted provided you consider the safety first principle .
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